Teachrt introduction

Dear parents, My name is Anthony and I am from London, England. I am an enthusiastic and committed teacher who appreciates children and endeavours to inspire, comfort and build self-esteem. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts after studying a range of modules related to teaching and I am qualified to teach English as a foreign language. I worked for several years at various schools in the UK, USA and Japan teaching English and sports. My main experience comes from working with Fulham football Club coaching football. I am passionate about creating a fun, safe environment for children to learn English. I intend on creating an atmosphere where the aims, objectives and end goal is to make leaning fun. I would like children to learn from mistakes, to try their best, work as a team and respect each other. I believe the positive development of children physically, mentally and socially will ultimately bring success. I would like to create a classroom where there is no wrong answer but all answers are a gateway to inspiration, vision, creativity, innovation and experience. I want to encourage an open mind and not fill young heads with information that is lost. I intend to use English as a communication tool to widen their experience of the world. My experience in education has taught me that a positive learning experience is vital to continued success and motivation. I feel much joy in teaching when a child questions things, or sees something from an angle that I cannot see myself. I would like children in my care to question why and acquire understanding for themselves. I hope that as team we can nurture motivation, ambitions, hopes and dreams. I am inspired by Albert Einstein who said, "Education is not learning of facts, but the training of minds to think”. The greatest reward for me would be children who are happy and excited about coming to school and wanting to communicate in English Many Thanks Anthony
主任講師 (Head Teacher)


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